Help! Where can I buy Cards Against Humanity NYC?

The good folks over at Card Against Humanity are no slouches when it comes to selling card games. First, they use one of the most kick-ass Kickstarter campaigns in living memory to propel their game to the coveted top spot on Amazon’s Toys and Games category. Then they kept it there with a string of great expansion packs and limited edition add-ons.

We’ve been loving the cheeky promos too. Who can forgot 2013’s Black Friday “anti-sale” where they actually raised the price five bucks on the biggest shopping day of the year? Or last year’s crazy poop promotion that even got them a mention in Time (

But here’s the thing. They’ve done all that without officially making the game available to buy in stores anywhere. And even online it’s still only available in a strictly limited set of countries. Max Temkin, the genius behind it all, even went as far as saying that they have no plans to sell it in shops because he doesn’t want to “cheapen their brand”.

Now that’s all well and good for Mr. Max but what if you want to buy it in a shop? What if you find yourself say in downtown Manhattan, in a hurry, and need to get your hands on a copy real fast?

Let’s say you want to pick up a copy of Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion. Usually you’ve got two, and only two, options. Either you head on over to Amazon or the Cards Against Humanity site and order a copy or you download the PDF and print it out yourself. All fine if you have some time on your hands.

You might prefer to get Card Against Humanity retail though for several reasons. Maybe you want it as a gift for somebody and need it wrapped in-store. Or you’re in a desperate hurry because you told your buddy you’d bring it over to his house for games night tonight and totally forgot to order it. That’s how people end up panicking and typing “where can I buy cards against humanity nyc” into their phone. Well panic no more. The truth is Cards Against Humanity is available to buy offline if you know where to look.

The answer to your dilemma is none other than the venerable Strand Books, one of the few retail outlets to actually stock the game. There’s rumours of branches of Urban Outfitters carrying it too so check there if you’re stuck. And if all else fails, there’s always that one-hour Amazon delivery special or the local print shop!

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Anti-Aging Eye Treatment – Going Natural is Best

So, you’ve come to know about anti-aging formulas that may be good for the facial skin, especially the under eye area. But there’s so many types of eye creams on the market and it can be mind boggling to make sense of what really works.

Even the top brands don’t always communicate to you what’s inside and behind their products, except to let their marketing hype convince you they are quality cosmetics worth seeking out. You can be none the wiser for that.

Fortunately, when it comes to choosing a good natural eye cream, especially one that can tackle the usual trouble caused by dark eye circles and puffiness, you can always learn from the experts. For example, the website provides good and useful info on these topics.

Take Great Care When It Comes to Skin Under the Eyes

Do you know that the skin beneath the eyes is the thinnest and is different from the rest of the facial skin? And that it absorbs substances about 40 times quicker as such?

Skin professionals know that. And they are mindful that facial products designed for general use may be too harsh when applied on the under eye area. That’s why they often turn to specific solutions which may not be so mainstream.

Invariably, many people will want all-natural beauty products to care for their face and especially the area beneath the eyes. You should already know that most makeup contain potentially harmful ingredients — a look into the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep Database can really scare you. The eyes do deserve the most proper care.

How to Choose a Good Eye Cream

Good eye creams usually contain these ingredients:

* Chamomile / Cucumber — these are well-known and time-proven to diminish under eye puffiness

* Vitamin C — keeps the skin supple

* Vitamin E — soothe and protects against the elements

Always shortlist products from companies which are willing to fully disclose their ingredients, make comparisons amongst these and select one or two which you are comfortable to use. Never use the product price as the first-level filter in such a study.

If you come across any ingredient you can’t pronounce, dig further. Don’t trust a facial product because its popular; even if they appear effective as anti-aging creams, consider the risks if questionable substances are in the formula. Remember, the ingredients are going to get into the body via the skin real quick!

It’s Easy to Look Youthful

With all said, you should now have a better idea of anti-aging eye treatment and how to look your best. As the face is usually the first place to show signs of aging — wrinkles, crow’s feet and lines come to mind — invest in good eye creams to nourish your skin and stay youthful.

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Potent Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Finding A Partner

Getting a desirable partner, whether you are a man or women will take a bit of work. Sure you could get lucky and bump into your ideal partner as you are walking around the corner of a building and it could be love at first site. But you don’t want to leave these things to blind luck or chance. You want to be able to create this luck and increase your chances of meeting that special somebody.

So how the heck do you do this?

Great question!

And in this article I will share with you some tips on how to do just this.

One – Be Everywhere

Get out of the house, go places, do things, be a person who loves to explore whatever city or town you live in. Go to events, do things that you may have never done before. The more places you can be found in, the more interesting people you will expose yourself to and potential partners. So get out there in the world and make your presence felt.

Two – Be Everywhere (Digitally)

Now if you had an army of clones of yourself it would be easy to meet a ton of people at the same time. Unfortunately, they are not currently cloning humans so you are out of luck with that. But you can create a digital clone of yourself and be everywhere. The digital clone version of yourself is your online profile that you create at dating websites such as Lava Life and dating apps such as Tinder. This is a great way of being found in all types of places and expose you to more potential partners.

Three – Make Time For Dates

Don’t ever say you are too busy to go out on dates otherwise cupid will be too busy to bother shooting you with one of his arrows. You need to make time for dates. Set aside some time in your schedule a few times per week for dates. The more dates you go on, the more you increase your chances of finding that person who is just right for you.

Four – Become Better

If you have a bunch of undesirable habits (smoking) or behavioral qualities (anger) that could get in the way of you enjoying a relationship, then actively work on becoming better. This can be done in a variety of ways. A great book for both men and women is Relationship Rescue by Dr Phil and for men you should check out Girlfriend Activation System. The more you develop, grow and become better, the higher quality persons you will attract into your life.